Update- Pool Opening – Holiday Park

July 16, 2020

Please accept our apology for the delay in providing an update on the opening of the pool.

We are still getting use to the new procedures around COVID-19 and each local health authority has its own opening and operating guidelines for swimming pools.

We have clarified that our pool is permitted to have a maximum of no more than 10 people inside the enclosure at all times.

In accordance with public health and your safety, please note:

  • To comply with the allowable capacity and accommodate as many seasonals as possible, we are limiting the pool time to 30 minutes per group of 10 people.
  • Kindly leave the pool area as soon as your time is complete.
  • We cannot permit people to come and go during their time slot as it makes it difficult for our staff to track. Once you leave the pool enclosure, your booking has ended.
  • Seasonals may not book the same time slot every day, as we wish to accommodate as many people as we can.
  • Time slots will not be back to back as we must allow for sanitizing in between use.
  • Sign up sheets will be located at the entrance to the Rec Hall.
  • Kindly bring your own hand sanitizer and apply before entering pool area and again when leaving.
  • There will be no pool furniture in the enclosure so that we can maintain social distancing at all times. You may bring your own chair.
  • Large pool toys and floaties will not be allowed. Personal floatation devices only.
  • Our pool hours are 10 am to 8 pm. Daily, with last time slot at 7:30 pm.
  • Please do not line up on pool ramp to await your turn.

Please be patient with our staff. As you can appreciate, this is all new to us and we are trying to ensure that all our seasonals get to enjoy the pool.

Please be respectful of others and maintain social distancing

so that everyone can enjoy the pool.