Laundry Room Opening Update

Holiday Park Camping & Seasonal Resort

Laundry Room Opens – July 22, 2020 9 am to 5 pm.

We are pleased to open our laundry facilities to our valued customers. The laundry room has been given a much needed freshening up,  including new paint on the floor, walls and counters. It is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and ready for use.

  • In order to maintain social distancing, only 1 person will be permitted in the laundry room at a time.
  • Time slots of 1 ½ hours per person are available, beginning at 9 am, with last time slot of 3.30 pm.
  • Sign up sheets will be available outside the laundry room and sign up must be completed the day before intended use of facilities. Completed sign up sheets will be kept at the office.
  • Office staff will ensure the person that signed up is provided key to laundry room. Key must be returned to office upon completion of your laundry.
  • Seasonals will be required to provide their own change for laundry, we are sorry that we cannot provide change, machines require quarters and loonies. Dryers are $1.25/load and washers are $1.50/load.

Using Shared Laundry Facilities – the Do’s & Don’ts


Do sanitize hands before entering rec. hall.

Do wipe down controls and handles before use.

Do wash laundry with soap and the warmest water possible, please do not overload the machines.

Do dry items at highest temperature possible and dry them completely.

Do disinfect your hamper before filling it with clean clothes.

Do return key to office for next person to receive.


Don’t shake dirty laundry before putting it in machine.

Don’t leave cleaning residues (like bleach) that could damage other people’s clothing.

Don’t leave dryer door open when not in use.

Don’t forget to sanitize your hands before leaving building.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Update- Pool Opening – Holiday Park

July 16, 2020

Please accept our apology for the delay in providing an update on the opening of the pool.

We are still getting use to the new procedures around COVID-19 and each local health authority has its own opening and operating guidelines for swimming pools.

We have clarified that our pool is permitted to have a maximum of no more than 10 people inside the enclosure at all times.

In accordance with public health and your safety, please note:

  • To comply with the allowable capacity and accommodate as many seasonals as possible, we are limiting the pool time to 30 minutes per group of 10 people.
  • Kindly leave the pool area as soon as your time is complete.
  • We cannot permit people to come and go during their time slot as it makes it difficult for our staff to track. Once you leave the pool enclosure, your booking has ended.
  • Seasonals may not book the same time slot every day, as we wish to accommodate as many people as we can.
  • Time slots will not be back to back as we must allow for sanitizing in between use.
  • Sign up sheets will be located at the entrance to the Rec Hall.
  • Kindly bring your own hand sanitizer and apply before entering pool area and again when leaving.
  • There will be no pool furniture in the enclosure so that we can maintain social distancing at all times. You may bring your own chair.
  • Large pool toys and floaties will not be allowed. Personal floatation devices only.
  • Our pool hours are 10 am to 8 pm. Daily, with last time slot at 7:30 pm.
  • Please do not line up on pool ramp to await your turn.

Please be patient with our staff. As you can appreciate, this is all new to us and we are trying to ensure that all our seasonals get to enjoy the pool.

Please be respectful of others and maintain social distancing

so that everyone can enjoy the pool.



Visitor Policy Q & A July 9, 2020

Q:  Why only 4 Visitors per Site?  A:  Your License to Occupy states there is a maximum of 6 “immediate family members”:

Occupancy and use of the Site is strictly limited to a maximum of six (6) persons at any one time, inclusive of the Occupant(s). There is no occupancy charge for eligible “immediate family members”, who are defined as follows and listed below: parents/guardians and his/her/their dependent children to a maximum of six (6) persons, including the Occupant(s). Registered Occupant MUST be on Site for the eligible immediate family members to use trailer free of charge and all visitors other than immediate family members, as listed below, must register at the Resort office, and pay the prescribed visitor’s fee.

License to Occupy Schedule ‘A’

DEPENDANTS: As described on the Government of Canada Website (www.canada.ca)

“Definition of dependent children with new age limit

The age limit of dependent children has changed from “under 19” to “under 22.”

Children qualify as dependants if they meet both of these requirements:

• they’re under 22 years old, and

• they don’t have a spouse or partner

Dependants over the age limit

Children 22 years old or older qualify as dependants if they meet both of these requirements:

• they have depended on their parents for financial support since before the age of 22, and

• they are unable to financially support themselves because of a mental or physical condition”

Dependants must be the children of the registered license holder.

The Province of Ontario has restricted a “family bubble” to a maximum of ten (10) persons. With a maximum of six (6) people permitted under the Site occupancy, that means a maximum of four (4) visitors per Site.  If this changes, we will review our policy.

Province of Ontario ONE “bubble” guideline:     https://www.ontario.ca/page/create-social-circle-during-covid-19

Q:  Why can’t my Visitors stay overnight?  A: We have listened to you and Visitors are permitted to stay overnight.

Q:  Why can’t we have any Visitor, why is it limited to the same 4 people?  A:  Please see reasoning below.

  • Killam is trying to find the happy medium between customer requests for Visitors and adhering to government restrictions and keeping employees safe. Under Covid and government restrictions, tying to control unlimited Visitor access and ensure tracking for contact tracing, as well as maintaining limited contact between Visitors, Seasonals and employees, would be a very daunting task.  The government requires that we track everyone entering the resort and if every seasonal site had 4 different Visitors each week, it could mean exposure to over 4000 different people in only one month to each of our Seasonals and our staff. In addition, it is necessary to record contact information for each person. For these reasons, the decision to use a prorated seasonal pass for limited Visitors was made.
  • Our Seasonal Visitors Policy is not new; however, it may have not been followed in prior years.  Please see our visitor’s policy below which can be found on page 4 of your 2020 Licence to Occupy – Schedule “A”:

VISITORS: All visitors will be required to register at the office before being admitted into the park. There is a daily & nightly fee for visitors and there is a seasonal pass available for extended family members or friends, which allows a maximum of 2 adults and their immediate dependent children (maximum of 4 in total). Only one family may be signed in at a time using the seasonal pass. Visitors are allowed to stay overnight only if suitably accommodated in Occupant’s trailer while the occupant is on Site. Day visitors must leave by 10pm. Occupants are responsible for the conduct and actions of their visitors. VISITORS CAUGHT USING A SITE IN THE ABSENCE OF THE REGISTERED OCCUPANTS WILL BE CHARGED THE DAILY TRANSIENT RATE BY HOLIDAY PARK FOR THE USE OF THE SITE AND SERVICES. ANY OCCUPANT FOUND LETTING THEIR SITE TO THIRD PARTIES MAY HAVE THEIR LICENSE TO OCCUPY TERMINATED.

  • A full season Visitor pass is typically $265.00, but with the season underway, we have prorated this pass to be $200.00 per Visitor family of 4.
  • An overnight Visitor pass is typically $15.00; however, we will be charging a flat fee of $10.00 per person for the remainder of this season, for a daily or overnight visit.  This will only be charged to a maximum of $200.00 per Visitor family of 4
  • For example, the cost for one long weekend for two Visitors is $60.00 (2 Visitors X $10 X 3 days = $60). The cost for 4 Visitors for 10 visits = $400.00 (4 Visitors X $10 X 10 visits = $400.00); this will be capped at $200.00.
  • This season, your “Visitor bubble” of 4 can visit as often as they like for a flat total of $200.00 plus HST. There are at least 14 weekends left in the season to enjoy with your guests.

NOTE: You may pay for a single discounted Visitor pass of $200.00 + HST up front and all at once, or you may pay per visit. In any case, you will not be charged more than $200.00 + HST regardless of the number of visits for your “Visitor bubble” of 4.

Thank you for your understanding. Please continue to follow social and physical distancing.

Enjoy the season!


Holiday Park Update June 11, 2020

Hello Campers of Holiday Park Camping and Seasonal Resort,

Upon hearing the new announcement that overnight camping and pools can open Friday (if ready), we have been working diligently preparing those amenities.  We are currently consulting with our local public health authority to establish our health & safety guidelines and the required protocol for allowing overnight camping and the opening of the pool.

We remind you that these will take time to prepare, as the government did not provide specific guidelines with the announcement, and we thank you for your patience.   We will advise you when these amenities are safely ready to open.

We will also not be welcoming overnight campers or visitors until we are sure that we can safely accommodate them upon their arrival.

Thank you.


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